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Selling a house in Toronto

The process of selling your home in Toronto can feel a little overwhelming. In such a competitive market, you want buyers to see why your house is the one that they should invest in. With my personalized process, I’ll guide you through every step and work collaboratively with you to help you sell a house in Toronto as quickly as possible.

Our white-glove service is tailored to suit your needs. Our à-la-carte offering allows you, as the seller, to be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish. This includes staging, home improvements/repairs, packing, moving… even renovating, if needed!

My personalized process to help you sell your house

Every home is as unique as its owners. That’s why I work with clients to create bespoke campaigns from the ground up – for every property I sell. My value-added method is based on a careful analysis of your home’s features. From there, I create a custom strategy to help you achieve the best possible results. My process utilizes the latest marketing strategies and my network of premium industry connections to ensure you secure the best possible value for your property. 

A realtor reviewing documents with clients

Step 1: Connection

Trying to sell a house in Toronto can be quite the process, which means we’re going to be spending a lot of time together. I’d like to spend time chatting with you to get to know you and your desires. Then I’d love to get a tour of your home and learn about any work that has been done over the years. We’ll then be able to discuss how much your home is worth before focusing on what needs to be done to get it market-ready.

A sunlit living space in a home

Step 2: Roadmap

Now it’s time to plan the best way to sell your home! I’ll have a designer visit your home to discuss staging, repairs, painting, and whatever else needs done to show off your home. We’ll then share our plan with you, and agree on a timeline for completing it so we can get to work on all the prep needed.

An empty room with a ladder against a wall

Step 3: Action

I know you’re busy, so don’t worry too much about finding the time for prep. My team will start the process of fixing, painting, and/or staging your home. I’ll make sure your home will impress all the potential buyers that come through your door.

A beautifully staged living room

Step 4: Success

Once we’ve finished prepping your home, it’s officially time to list it! We’ll take high quality photos and videos for social media and digital marketing, which will help us get your home in front of the right people. I’ll also continue to keep you updated on the process and stay in touch with the buyers. That way, you can be certain your home is being passed off to someone who will love it as much as you did.

A smiling couple standing in the doorway of an empty home

Step 5: Rainmaker

You’ve successfully closed on your Toronto home and are all moved out. It’s now time for us to celebrate! I’ll be sure to keep in touch to make sure you’re settling into your new home, and to help out any way I can in the future.

How much can you sell your house for?

Many homes in the GTA are selling for anywhere from $490K to upwards of $1M. I can help you sell a house in Toronto for the price you deserve. With my experience working in the Toronto real estate market, I’ll be able to evaluate your home and determine what it’s truly worth. With the market constantly fluctuating, I can take all the guesswork out of pricing your home so you can get the most out of selling it.

What’s Your Property Worth?

How to sell your house in GTA for maximum profit

Whether you’re able to sell your home in Toronto, or even get the best deal for it, can depend on how much prep work you put into the process. We’ll use these tips as a guide to help sell your own home in Toronto for maximum profit:

  • Choose the right time to sell: The time of year can play a big role in buyers’ desire to move and travel to see your home. We’ll strategize the best time of year to get your home on the market, so buyers will be wanting to come into your home.
  • Set the right price: You might worry about pricing your home for more than it’s worth, but you also don’t want to sell yourself short. I’ll evaluate your home so we can determine the best asking price based on your home’s value.
  • Make essential repairs: Freshening up the look of your home and fixing any issues with it are great ways to increase its value and make it attractive to buyers. We’ll create an action plan to determine how we can make your home look even more beautiful.
  • Stage your home: Staging your home with eye-catching furniture and accessories will make your home look even more profitable. We’ll work with a designer to bring luxury to your house.
  • Connect with the right people: To successfully sell your home, you need to get it seen by the right people. We’ll make the most of digital marketing and our connections to get your home in front of quality buyers.


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