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Experience, Expertise, Enthusiasm

With extensive experience selling real estate in one of the hottest markets in the country, I know Toronto is synonymous with luxury.

Today’s market is full of opportunity, and I want you to find the one that suits you perfectly. My process is about selling with purpose. Let me show you how.

My Selling Process

Every home is as unique as its owners. That’s why I work with clients to create bespoke campaigns from the ground up – for every property I sell.

My value-added method is based on a careful analysis of your home’s features. From there, I create a custom strategy to help you achieve the best possible results.

My process utilizes the latest marketing strategies and my network of premium industry connections to ensure you secure the best possible value for your property. Find out what your home is worth right here.

"[Matthew] has clean communication and is extremely forthcoming about what needs to be done, and he will give you his honest opinion and feedback."

- B. G.

The Right Advice for You

In the luxury real estate market, there’s no shortage of eager agents who are desperate to sell your property. How do you know I’m the right real estate professional for you? Let’s start a discussion.

It’s my philosophy that client experience comes first. I’ll never force a pen in your hand or a contract in front of you, so when the time comes for you to decide who you want to work with, your decision is easy to make.

Selling With Purpose

In order to establish genuine working relationships, you need to feel that you’re getting best-in-class service from the get-go.

I believe the only way to sell a home for its maximum value is by having your full confidence in my process.

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